Swedish Center for Aquatic Research in Lund offers unique test facilities for athletes, coaches and researchers with an interest of human motions in the aquatic enviroment.

The AIM analysis system with 12 underwater and 11 above water 100hz full HD cameras set a new standard in the world.

This together with more traditional testforms as endurance-, strength- and biomechanical -tests, will create new possibilities for optimal peformance on all levels in the aquatic enviroment.  For today’s elite athletes the test centre is ideal for improving their performance. For the new generation of athletes the test center will even be indispensable to perform at elite level.

The high-speed camera system built with 23 high definition, 100fps cameras capture both underwater and above water swimming technique, from 50-1500 in all 5 strokes. AIM Camera Analysis system presents real time race data in a simple and readable format enabling coaches and swimmers to identify specific strengths and weaknesses in performance and determine each individual’s optimum racing strategy.


AIM Camera Analysis system performs complex and tedious calculations in real time that cannot reasonably be performed by hand. The system pinpoints your position real time and can read your exact speed during your race. The most significant parameters that influence every swimmer’s competitive performance: Cycle Count per lap, Break Distance from start and turns, Tempo, Breakout Time, Drop Off, Distance Per Cycle, Pure Swimming Velocity, Turn Time, Time Spent Under Water, Distance Swim Under Water.

In addition we can make Lactate Threshold tests, Start and Turn tests, Stoke analysis and many other relevant tests in aquatic environments.

Swedish Center for Aquatic Research offers a range of packages for you and your team. Each team has unique needs and we make camp along your conditions. Contact us to get the latest price.

We now also offer Tritonwear Workout analysis for free up to 15 persons for free if you book a weekend camp. Triton units sit comfortably at the back of a swimmers head to automatically calculate 15 performance metrics around SPEED and STROKE EFFICIENCY.Data is sent to a coach’s tablet from every athlete’s Triton to provide real time performance tracking and insights during practice as never before.



We will be able to run day, weekend and week camps as well as bookings by the hour.

Please call Thorbjörn Holmberg at +46 (0)46-125250+46 (0)46-125250 to get more information about our camera system and the bookings.

About Us


SCAR- Swedish Center for Aquatic Research.

SCAR aims to develop Swedish and World Aquatic Research. Thru a group of interested coaches, scientist, and organization’s we will try to influence the academic world to take a higher interest in aquatic development.

SCAR is an initiative from SK Poseidon, Lund, Sweden, and built up by an advisory board with some of the top coaches in the world.

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Address: Box 1555 , 22101, Lund, Sweden