Social Program

At WADC you get a unique possibility to extend your network of swimming, get new knowledge, new ideas and get inspired by speakers and by meeting other participants. To make this happened have different will have workshops, discussions, exhibitors, speakers corner, match making and lot of possibilities to meet new colleagues of swimming.

Speakers Corner

If you during the conference get inspired to share your idea or other thing you have on your mind – this will be possible at our Speakers Corner. In every Coffee break and during lunch-time – this will be possible in the exhibition area. There will be possible to sign-up for 5 min talk. You can talk about what every you want within the subject of swimming and learn to swim, or you can just talk about your team, advertise for new coaches/swim teachers or just use your 5 minutes to start up a new network. The Speakers Corner will be led by a moderator.

Match-making Friday the 12th January

A new activity this year will be Match-Making for new ideas, new cooperation, help solving a problem. Everybody who been at a conference know that there is not always so easy to find those people you want to meet, and even harder to meet those you did not know you should meet. WADC is a venue for just this. To help you meeting new people, and get new ideas, solve problems and create new cooperation we will arrange a Match Making meeting Friday the 11th between 18-19, before the dinner. Buy your selves a glass of wine/a beer/soda and come and join us in the exhibition area. No need for sign-up.

Dinner and Banquette

The coffee breaks, lunch and dinners is a possibility to get to know new people and to discuss swimming and the new ideas you got. Every evening there will be a dinner you can sign-up to. At Thursday the 11th and Friday the 12th there will be a more unformal dinner in Scandic Stars restaurant. At Saturday the 13th we will have the official Banquette, with a 3 course dinning and some entertainment. After the dinner, the party will continue in the Scandic bar, here you can get something good to drink and get together. Do not miss to book for the Banquette, most of the participants use to participate at this.

Photo: Cristian Von Sparr och Scandic Star Hotels

About Us


SCAR- Swedish Center for Aquatic Research.

SCAR aims to develop Swedish and World Aquatic Research. Thru a group of interested coaches, scientist, and organization’s we will try to influence the academic world to take a higher interest in aquatic development.

SCAR is an initiative from SK Poseidon, Lund, Sweden, and built up by an advisory board with some of the top coaches in the world.

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Phone:    +46(0)46 15 20 67
Email:     office(at)
Address: Box 1555 , 22101, Lund, Sweden