Swedish Center for Aquatic Research wants to link the relevant research and knowledge with practical activities in the field of physical activity and movement in the water. The center is non-profit and all surplus goes towards new resarch projects. A special focus is directed towards the understanding of the nervous system and brain function. The proximity to Lund University provides access to both diversity and a focus on interdisciplinary research.

About Us


SCAR- Swedish Center for Aquatic Research.

SCAR aims to develop Swedish and World Aquatic Research. Thru a group of interested coaches, scientist, and organization’s we will try to influence the academic world to take a higher interest in aquatic development.

SCAR is an initiative from SK Poseidon, Lund, Sweden, and built up by an advisory board with some of the top coaches in the world.

Contact Info


Phone:    +46(0)46 15 20 67
Email:     office(at)sweaquatics.com
Address: Box 1555 , 22101, Lund, Sweden